Redditors Unveil Wacky Sex-Ed Misunderstandings Which Failed Them

Believe it or not, not all sex ed's are created equal. Some school districts have their teachers skim over all the juicy stuff and preach abstinence, while others will force their poor teachers to get into all the nitty-gritty details and answer each and every question. I remain slightly scarred from my sex-ed course since we were forced to watch a 35-minute slide show of every kind of STI, on every kind of genital, oh and right after our lunch period.

People Unveil Their Wacky Sex-Ed Misunderstandings Which Failed Them| Thumbnail text - Ectophylla_alba 3 months ago @2 Teacher hit a girl in the face with a dildo. We did not learn how to put on condoms that year. 14.0k Reply Give Award Share Report Save
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