Funny tweets about psycho roommates | thumbnail text - treyla @bence_treyla28 ... on yesterday's episode of my roommate from hell, she poured bleach into my laundry while it was in the washer and told me to kill myself. we love a jealous psychopath 12:48 AM · Jan 11, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

This Week's Batch Of Wildest 'Psycho Roommate' Tweets

Dying to live alone
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Crazy things men have done to get their exes back | thumbnail text - Font - SnooPickles4103 · 1d Sent me $700 on Venmo out of nowhere Imao. Wish he sent more tbh

The Craziest Ways Men Tried To Get Their Exes Back

Beyond insane
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funny twitter thread | thumbnail text - Mitch @themitchellford In college my psycho roommate was deathly afraid of ketchup & one time we got in a fight in the kitchen & he pulled a knife on me so thinking on my feet I pulled a bottle of ketchup out the fridge & threatened to squirt it on him & thats the story of how I won a fight w/ ketchup 3:13 AM · Dec 5, 2018 · Twitter for iPhone

Funny Twitter Thread About Psycho College Roommate Reveals People Are Deathly Afraid Of Ketchup

Condiments can't hurt us
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Overbearing MIL Demands Key To Sons House - Gets A Surprise Instead| Thumbnail Text - Dress - AITA for giving my MIL a fake copy of my house key and "exposing" her on Christmas dinner? I wanna preface this by saying that I f34 married my husband m37 a year ago. His mom is snoopy and annoying af

Overbearing MIL Demands Key To Sons House - Gets A Surprise Instead

Fake keys real problems
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psyho roommate tweets | thumbnail text - charis ... @gothloglady my evil roommate is keeping my $1200 security deposit because I told her 20 days ahead of time that I'm moving and the contract says 30- and on another note are any of my followers hitmen for hire? 3:18 AM · Aug 11, 2021 · Twitter Web App

Woman Blasts Psycho Roommate On Twitter, Barely Survives Her Wrath Before Moving Out

Another episode of psycho roommates
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The funniest tweets about psycho roommates | thumbnail text - Gengar @fiendskrah My mom's roommate plays monopoly by stacking all of her money in her hand without organizing it. Just stacking on top as it comes in. Absolute psycho shit 6:17 AM · Mar 20, 2021 · Twitter for Android

Funniest 'Psycho Roommate' Tweets We Saw This Week

Who knew simply living could get this hectic?
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women reveal stories of men who acted like total psychos after they were dumped | thumbnail text -

8 Times Guys Were Complete Psychos After They Were Dumped

Awkward dating stories from real women in New York City
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psyho roommate tweets | thumbnail text -  Alfred Bitchcock ... @aquarius_bimbo Imagine trashing someone's room, stealing their mattress, harassing and bullying them, and then beg for an apology? Oh wait you don't have to my psycho roommate already did that 9 let's see what she does next on the next episode of 'Morons Who Don't Know Security Cameras Exist'!

Psycho Roommate Gets Caught Trashing Woman's Room On Security Camera

Security footage doesn't lie
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Funny tweets about psycho roommates | thumbnail text - Avery Edison @aedison ... every time i drink milk i remember my roommate who used to put powdered milk in his milk so he could drink "more milk per milk" 6:59 PM · Apr 14, 2021 · Twitter Web App

'Psycho Roommates' Of Twitter Are Getting Out Of Hand (April 18, 2021)

Keep your friends safe, and your enemies closer
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psyho roommate tweets | thumbnail text -  @jessicat_j ... 6 years ago today I lost everything I owned in a house fire and then a couple months after that my roommate let some crazy people into my apartment and they stole the new clothes I bought, ran off together, and set them on fire in a different state 4:31 PM · Jul 5, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

Psycho Roommates Who Exist Solely To Destroy People's Livelihoods

Watch your back
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horrifying roommates | thumbnail text - HatcheeMalatchee · 8h Not me, but a friend of mine's neighbors burned down their family farm after they asked them not to hunt on their property and then they came over and gloated as they were standing there watching it smolder. "Gee, wonder who done that. Shit has a bad way of happening to people who don't get along with me."

Horrifying Neighbors That Will Forever Haunt Our Nightmares

We're so scared
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psyho roommate tweets | thumbnail text -  theresa : @theresa_25 confession time: my roommate doesn't "mind doing dishes" (psycho) so whenever theres already a mess in the kitchen ill add a couple cups and bowls i'd been stashing in my room so she washes them 11:22 PM · Jun 30, 2021 · Twitter for Android

Roommates So Psycho We Might Just Have To Call The Po Po

They need professional help
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psycho roommate tweets | thumbnail text -  Soff ... @sohercarr in today's episode of my roommate is crazy she warned me that she doesn't need to let me know if she's throwing a party and that if I have a problem with it she will beat the sh*t out of me so anyway how are yall doing 4:11 PM · Jun 17, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

The World's Most Psycho Roomies Are At It Again

Please make it stop
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Creepy Guy Caught On Camera Trying On All His Female Roommate's Panties| thumbnail text - r/AmltheAsshole u/CavelsClosed • 10h 2 1 3 1 O 2 WIBTA for making my roommate pay to replace my panties?

Woman Catches Creepy Male Roommate On Camera Trying On Her Panties

Time for a new roommate, as well as restraining order
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Tweets about psycho roommates | thumbnail text - Sarah @sarahjean913 Me to any potential new roommates we might be getting "yeah lemme see your birth chart I need to know how crazy you might actually be" 5:34 AM · Jun 11, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

This Week's Collection Of 'Psycho Roommate' Tweets

Nightmare roomies
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Psycho roommate tweets | thumbnail text - Taylor Karrh @TaylorKarrh UPDATE: My roommate moved out and took the comforter with him. Taylor Karrh @ TaylorKarrh · Oct 13, 2020 My new roommate took one of my comforters out of storage, washed it, and started using it on his bed without asking me. How should I feel about this? 1:32 AM · Jun 4, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

This Week's Batch Of 'Psycho Roommate' Tweets

Run far, far away from all the psycho roomies
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