People Reveal The Worst Thing Their Therapist Ever Said To Them

People are seeking more mental health treatment today than ever before. For all the good and the bad that this implies, therapists are more in demand than ever, which inevitably means, there will be more supply. But more doesn't necessarily mean better, and not all therapists are created equal. For every good mental health professional out there, there are ten awful ones. It's like having to kiss a million frogs before finding your prince—it's kinda draining. People on Reddit shared the worst things that a therapist, psychiatrist, or mental health professional ever said to them, and the responses are so bad, they make you wonder how these professionals ever got their license in the first place.

people reveal the worst thing their therapist ever said to them | thumbnail text - lightfootjr 4 days ago My mom saw a shrink the year my brother almost died from a lung infection, she had had a miscarriage, and her husband lost his leg in an accident (all within about 4 months' time). The shrink asked, "Have you considered that maybe God hates you?"
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