Husband Trolled For Telling Wife To 'F— Off' After Job Promotion

A healthy marriage is about a partnership. It means celebrating each other's successes — both professional and personal — and realizing that one person's achievement benefits both people in the relationship. But sometimes, the fragile male ego gets in the way, leaving some men unable to celebrate their wives' success, especially if they feel insecure about their accomplishments. Like this guy who posted on Reddit's Am I The A-hole, who couldn't handle the fact that his wife received a promotion at work while he was unemployed. Instead of celebrating her success, he accused her of "bragging" about it (which, of course, she wasn't, she was only hoping her husband would show her the basic and expected levels of pride and support). Of course, everyone accused him of toxic masculinity and called him a massive a**hole. Personally, I can't even believe this guy is real.

husband who was jealous of wife's promotion at work told her to F off, gets trolled | thumbnail Text - Posted by u/oldcaca101 5 days ago AITA for telling my wife to f ck off after she was bragging about her promotion at work ? Asshole Me and my wife have been married for 3 years. For info, i was working as a web designer but me and some of my coworkers got laid off and I have been looking for another job for a month but I haven't been able to find anything. Ive sent CVs but I never got any respo
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