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Men Roast The Bad Profile Pictures Women Use On Dating Apps

In the digital dating era, finding a meaningful relationship behind the screen of your smartphone can be an undoubtedly daunting task. With the overwhelming plethora of applications and photographs, men and women have to siphon through at any given time it is particularly difficult to make a solid impression. In the quest to garner attraction from the opposite sex, many women in this generation have fallen victim to the horrible disease that is being basic as f*ck, and quite frankly, the madness needs to stop. Take notes, ladies, we teamed up with dating blog The Single Society and interviewed a pool of guys to find out what pictures drive men crazy (and not in a good way) when searching for love on the interwebs.

men reveal the profile pictures they wish women wouldn't use on dating apps | thumbnail text - I'm also fluent in sarcasm
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