Mom Tweets Hilarious Bedtime Conversations With Son

As most parents know, putting kids to bed is hardly a walk in the park. For some reason, they'll find every excuse under the sun to stay awake (until they become teenagers and then sleep is all they do) and make your life a misery while they do it. One mom and professor at Duke Divinity School, Kate Bowler, tweeted all of the delaying tactics of her six-year-old son Zach, who for 30 days straight tried to keep his mom in the room longer than usual after getting tucked in by asking questions. Here are some of his funniest ones.

mom tweet bedtime conversation son funny procrastination | Kate Bowler O @KatecBowler goodnight lovie Him waggling eyebrows) goodnight mom will be hard leave kisses head be fine Him: Goodnight "M O M M O M" spells DAD.right mom makes direct eye contact know much want correct Him DO! 4:50 PM Apr 25, 2020 Twitter Web App 22 Retweets 923 Likes
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