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Profile Pics Women Shouldn't Use On Dating Apps: Tips And Tricks

In the digital dating era, finding a meaningful relationship behind the screen of your smartphone can be an undoubtedly daunting task. With the overwhelming plethora of dating apps and profiles men and women have to siphon through at any given time, it is particularly difficult to make a solid impression. In the quest to garner attraction from the opposite sex, many women in this generation have fallen victim to the horrible disease that is being basic as f*ck, and quite frankly, the madness needs to stop. Together with The Single Society, we bring you the 8 profile pictures women really need to stop using on dating apps—in our humble opinions. 

profile pictures women shouldn't use on dating apps - cover pic pop art woman taking selfie making a duck face "this sexy duck face is sure to find me a quality man" The epidemic duck face unfortunately taken over planet. Girls think they appear playful and sexy, but reality, comes off slightly desperate attention seeking
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