People Reveal Their Exes Fetishes Which Totally Turned Them Off

When it comes to sex, everyone has their thing. Each person gets off to something specific, from a range of bizarre kinks and fetishes to bog-standard, plain ol' vanilla sex. Of course, no one should be judged for what gets them off in the bedroom. As long as their partner is consensual and willing to take part in their fetish safely, then it's all good. But fetishes are very personal, and when you're in a relationship with someone who is into something you're not, then things can get... awkward. People on Reddit shared the kinks their exes used to have, which did absolutely nothing for them, and it's clear how crucial sexual compatibility is in a relationship.

people reveal their exe's fetishes which did absolutely nothing for them | thumbnail text - SilentHillNA 7 months ago Biting. Normally I am more than happy with that. But he would do so unexpectedly, no warning, and hard enough that it would bruise or break skin. Oh and he would do like a shark, shaking his head back and forth hard. And in usually the most sensitive places. That's takes the fun out of it and set me on edge so much that I couldn't get off because I was always ready for the next b
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