Comedian Places 'Useful' Life Hacks On Signs All Over The Place

Sometimes, all you need is a piece of life advice written on a hilarious and unsuspecting place to brighten your day. Whether it's in the supermarket or stuck to a tree, Jeff Wysaski produces the funny life hacks we all need. The creator behind the comedy websites Pleated Jeans and Obvious Plant, Jeff has been placing these entertaining posters all over town, and they're brilliant. Scroll through for a guaranteed laugh.  

comedian creates funny signs with tips all over the place | LIFE HACK O Win any staring contest by slowly going kiss without breaking eye contact | DEVIL'S FOOD DONUTS (319g) Store Tip! GO AHEAD: Unload feelings on lady giving out free samples s like free therapy session; she's stuck there and can't leave no matter hard cry. 316 #28793 Hostess HOHe Baked fresh-
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