The World's Hottest Politicians To Quench Your Thirst This Week

Sometimes I feel like the politicians of the world are essentially a reality TV show. You're desperate to stop watching this trainwreck, but you just can't bring yourself to stop. And when the key players are fine AF - damn, we got ourselves quite the show going.

 If these politicians had a slogan across the board, it would probably be "MPSA"- Make Politics Sexy Again. Doesn't quite have the same ring to it as MAGA, but they're sexy enough to make it work. Because hot people can get away with a whole lot of stupid sh*t. As a fellow hot person, I would know. Here's my cute, concise ranking of the hottest global leaders to date. 

The hottest politicians around the globe | thumbnail text - Eduardo Leite, AKA, the dashing mayor of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Youngest ever to be appointed to the position, this political prince is more than enough to get me to learn Portugese and move to Brazil immediately. We know we're mere peasants, but please notice us, papi.
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