Funny Tweets From Parents About The Nightmare Of Play-Doh

It takes a lot to make sure your kids stay entertained. Sure, TV works great, but even the laziest of parents will admit that there is such a thing as too much screen time. Play-Doh has provided children with creative entertainment for years, but it has also brought parents endless hours of pain. Many parents will be familiar with the horror of watching their kids smush all the Play-Doh colors together to make one big brown mess as soon as they've opened the packs. Or of finding it squashed into the carpet, which is impossible to get out. Then, there's finding dried Play-Doh in every crevice of the house, months after its initial use. In short, Play-Doh's new marketing campaign should be "Kids love it, parents hate it," as is shown by these Tweets from parents.

funny tweets from parents about the nightmare of playdough | thumbnail text - lilswizzy @MotherPlaylist There is nothing like being a parent and finding a piece of dried PlayDoh in the breakfast you've been trying to eat for the past 25 minutes 4:57 PM · Feb 26, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone
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