travel memes | thumbnail text - DON'T ALWAYS STAY HOTELS Broup BUT DO TAKE ALL LITTLE SOAPS

This Week's Batch Of Travel Memes For The Ladies Who Catch Flights Not Feelings (September 13, 2022)

Never catch the feels
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tweets about the stress of airports that remind us why we don't travel | thumbnail text - Chris Burns Im obsessed that airports are just like okay come around 5 but the plane leaves when we decide-prob 9ish, & bring luggage but we can't promise it'll make it on the plane. We can change your ticket but it cost more than if you cancel it & buy a car instead, but here's a biscotti Alyssa Limperis O @alyssalimp Love how the airport is like do you want to pick someone up? Please do! Just don't even T

Typical Airport Drama That Makes Us Wonder If Flying Is Even Worth It

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Delusional 'Instagram Model' Threatens Woman For Refusing To Switch Seats With Her| thumbnail text - r/AmltheAsshole u/Chrominium2• 13h 1 1 1 17 19 1 3 18 1 17 AITA for not giving up my window seat In a plane then later saying "you're not pretty enough to act this way"

Delusional 'Instagram Model' Threatens Woman For Refusing To Switch Seats With Her

Didn't realize having millions of followers makes it ok for you to be a jerk
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plane passengers reminder pictures airplane funny reminder flight flying nightmare | man in shock over the person in the seat in front of him throwing their hair back over his screen | person sleeping upside down in a chair with their legs in the air

Nightmare Plane Passengers No One Wants To Encounter

Making you feel better about not flying
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funny airplane overheard tweets | tweet by milehighinheels So where are headed funny because obviously they're on the same plane and headed to the same destination

Heard On A Plane: Odd Things People Have Overheard

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