People are memes? Memes are people? AHH! MEMES ARE PEOPLE! THE PEOPLE ARE MEMES!

people walmart funny pictures shopping groceries | child dragged on the floor by a person in a mobile scooter | person paying a cashier dressed in tiny jean shorts denim underwear

People You'll Only Find At Walmart

In case you're missing malls
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people tweet about what their high school bully does now - tweet saying bully got addicted to meth aged 40 years | Mad Catz Anal Steer @theschwasound Replying thetzechun Got addicted meth and aged like 40 years horrible remember prayed God during high school something bad would happen him and felt super guilty saw him 15 years later like "Whoa God meant like he didn't get job he wanted" 1:54 AM Jul 18, 2020 Twitter Android >

People Tweet Where Their High School Bullies Are Now In Life

Not all bullies get their comeuppance
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paul rudd thirst tweets | thumbnail text - Olayemi Olurin @msolurin I have no objection to Paul Rudd being named sexiest man alive. That wholesome gem been fine for decades, let him get his flowers FM Au 7:53 AM - Nov 10, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

Paul Rudd Has Been Crowned Sexiest Man Alive, And Twitter Is Thirsting Hard

The man doesn't age
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What Disney characters would look like if they were real people - thumbnail includes two pictures of Elsa from Frozen and Tiana from Princess and the Frog

Disney Characters Reimagined As Real Life People

If Disney were real...
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people reveal most effective psychological tricks which really work | thumbnail text - aaronmicook 2 years ago I currently manage around 240 people between 6 restaurants. It is often hard to get them to do what is needed. I have found saying "I need your help" is sufficient to get them on board. People want to feel needed and like they are making a difference. Expressing to them as much makes all the difference in the world.

Most Effective Psychological Tricks People Use On Others Which Really Work

The life hacks we all need
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funny memes about how different people shower differently - cover pic man in shower pretending to be British and American | American people shower same as dummy First get nice and wet. Then get gun | British people shower same as idiot get nice and wet. Then get teabags.

Funny Memes Explaining How Different People Shower

Same same, but different
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people reveal the reasons they dumped their exes - cover picture of reasons people dumped their exes | cute at first he could quote his favorite movies heart, but he didn't know say during serious moments he quoted movies EVERY TIME and stopped being cute | He HORRIBLE kisser. I thought he playing at First, but then pissed off. He always slobbered on my face shoved his tongue down my throat, made too much noise sucked my face

People Reveal The Reasons They Dumped Their Ex

Ouch, some of these hurt!
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tweets from people mocking the way americans eat vegemite - cover photo making fun of americans eating vegemite on a spoon | savanna calton @savannacalton hate Americans try vegemite first time. They always put on spoon straight up, and say "Ew 's so salty does anyone eat and like UM know else is salty: SALT but dont go eating on giant spoon IRRESPONSIBLE

Tweets Of People Disrespecting How Americans Eat Vegemite

People aren't happy with Americans
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people giving advice to their 15-year-old self - you're not slick your parents know what you're doing in the bathroom for 30 minutes | You’re not slick your parents know what you’re doing in the bathroom for 30 minutes

Advice People Would Give Their 15-year-old Selves

"It gets so much better."
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People Who Used the Face Swap App On Their Tattoos With Terrifying Results

People Who Face Swapped Their Tattoo With Terrifying Results

The stuff of nightmares
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people reveal coma stories cover photo person explaining what it's like to be in a coma | ManiacMando 5.2k points 23 hours ago hit by car 5years old. Ended up with toxic shock syndrome and went into coma 4 months just remember some very weird 'dreams which can still recall vividly 26 years later. Someone mentioned something about visiting another realm, and thats pretty close mark.

People Reveal What It's Like To Be In A Coma

The unknown realms of reality
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incredible change gender people reddit transgender swap transformation | Ya girl finally made it to a year on hrt

People's Incredible Transformations After Changing Their Gender

Radical changes are sometimes the best ones
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askreddit people reality delusional out of touch crazy | stormy-darklordofall 13.3k points 2 days ago Had friend who insisted she relationship with C-list celebrity whom she met once during comic convention. All celebrity's Instagram and twitter posts were her and everything had meaning behind celebrity got married, she said just media so she and celebrity could live quiet life he didn't do anything her birthday, she had breakdown. She went therapy not long after.

People Reveal Most 'Out Of Touch With Reality' Moments They Witnessed In Others

Some people really are delusional
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people prove living monsters  wife husband boyfriend girlfriend funny pics imgur reddit | Flatmate Made Pasta, Then Left For A Vacation I Sort Of Want To Cuddle It furry moldy pasta dish

Funny Pictures Exposing The “Monsters” People Are Living With

An insight into how some people choose to live
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strange compliment askreddit people funny insult | TomIsonMySide 22 points 8 hours ago bank teller looked at my (super cute) 3 year old son, looked back at back at my son, back at and said wife must be beautiful

People Reveal The Strangest Compliments They've Ever Received

'You have nice goat birthing hands'
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Redditors weird people funny askreddit strange | Moskavo 26 points 5 hours ago Girl who left one those hamster ball things on my doorstep (never told her my address filled with literally hundreds hand written notes, most which had generic uplifting quotes, but some were direct quotes over six months ago. Meaning day met her, she writing down and recording things said anyone thinking this actually romantic and sweet were no way romantically involved just had class together. Things got worse there

People Reveal Their Worst Cases Of 'I Attract Weird People'

Why are some people so strange?
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