Woman's One-Night Stand Pees In Her Closet, Ruins All Her Shoes

One-night stands don't always go quite as planned. Whether the sex is bad or your 'guest' just won't take the hint, there are a plethora of things that could go wrong. But these awful sexual escapades often make for hilarious stories! This is why we teamed up with The Single Society - to bring you all of the dating blunders and sexy time misfortunes so you can feel better about your life! Have a bad date story? Please submit it here for a chance to be featured!

bad date story about guy who woke up hungover after one-night stand and peed in closet | After coming to grips with reality and noticing that it was in fact my wardrobe and not a toilet in which he was pissing in, he apologized and made an attempt to salvage my belongings from his mid slumber urination. TIME FOR ME TO MAKE A PEE PEE
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