How Real People Caught Their Partners Cheating

Being cheated on is the worst thing in the world and there is no justification for cheating on your partner. It goes without saying that no matter how bad the relationship is, disloyalty says more about the cheater than the person they cheated on. It creates trust issues for future relationships, erodes a person's self-esteem, and it can take a very long time to get over. Some Redditors have worn their hearts on their sleeves and shared their stories of how they caught their significant other cheating on them, and how they reacted. Some of these were painful to read, but they truly give insight into how cruel some people can be.

stories from people whose partner cheated on them- cover image story about finding used condom on bathroom floor and evicting him | Khayeth 10.7k points 18 hours ago found used condom on bathroom floor just emailed him 30 day end tenancy notice own house.
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