Funniest Tweets From Parents Who Caught Their Kids When They Were Up To No Good| thumbnail text - - non podchametz ... @crookedroads770 Yesterday I overheard my two year old son saying "Are you sure this is a good idea" and my five year old son replying "Trust me" and I have never moved from one room to another so quickly in my life 10:21 PM · Jan 23, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 58.1K Retweets 2,980 Quote Tweets 703.8K Likes

Funniest Tweets From Parents Who Caught Their Kids When They Were Up To No Good

'Oh no you don't'
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funny tweets about the weird names kids give to things | thumbnail text - Sarcastic Mommy @sarcasticmommy4 ... My son referred to some lady's cleavage as her "crack in the front" & I just can never unhear this now. 8:46 PM May 12, 2018 · Twitter for iPhone 24 Retweets 1 Quote Tweet 151 Likes

Funny Tweets About The Weird Names Kids Give To Things

Oh, the innocence
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5 Year Old Raises $150 To Convince Her Parents To Change Her Name| thumnail text - Charlotte So, my girl has $150 to change her name from Dear mommy a n o aVer IliKe iTah me up onil's pr IDon'is charle I don't like Charlie, Charlotte is my passion, Love, Charlie Charlie to Charlotte, she had my dad make her a backpack, that says Charlotte on it

Five-Year-Old Raises $150 To Convince Her Parents To Change Her Name

Sometimes a nickname is not sufficient
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Parents Discuss Times People Without Kids Had No Idea What They Were Talking About| thumbnail text - Ninotchk 2 months ago Someone I know suggested doing using maternity leave to do your masters. ↑ 137 Reply Give Award Share Report Save

Parents Discuss Times People Without Kids Had No Idea What They Were Talking About

If you know, you know.
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funny tweets from parents about hiding from your kids | thumbnail text - MichiMama ... @michimama75 Hiding from my family in the bathroom, drinking coffee. So far 2021 is more of the same. 5:23 PM - Jan 1, 2021 Twitter for iPhone

Funny Tweets From Parents Who Need To Constantly Hide From Their Kids

Have a kids they said. It will be fun, they said
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funniest parenting tweets of the week - thumbnail | Text - fimest @Neyogems ... My 6 year old son just asked me how I know his name.. I'm not in the mood today 8:16 PM · Feb 20, 2021 Twitter for iPhone 47.8K Retweets 4,584 Quote Tweets 560.8K Likes

Funniest Parenting Tweets Of The Week (February 28, 2021)

The funny parents of Twitter
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funny made up words and phrases used only by your family members

People Reveal Words Their Families Completely Made Up

At some point it stops being gibberish
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funny skills that parents picked up by mistake (twitter thread) | thumbnail text - SpacedMom @copymama ... There are certain instinctive mom skills that can't be taught. Like sensing exactly how long you have to hold on to a dandelion your kid picked for you before it's safe to discreetly toss it aside. 5:22 PM · Jun 8, 2019 · Twitter Web Client

Funny Tweets About The Special Skills Parents Develop By Mistake

At least something good comes from parenting
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People Reveal The Strangest Lies Their Parents Told Them | Thumbnail text - hfrjdbvhjbfdv 1 month ago If you eat chocolate you transform into chocolate Reply Give Award Share Report Save

People Reveal The Strangest Lies Their Parents Told Them

Creativity is key
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People Reveal Funny Stories Of Kids Catching Parent's In The Act | thumbnail text - fenduru 5 years ago about 10 heard some noises coming my parents bedroom. So did any would have done ran living room and called 911. My dad heard and started coming out living room so told operator "hurry! Someone's coming"

People Reveal Funny Stories Of Kids Catching Parents In The Act

"Mommy and Daddy are just wrestling"
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The Time I had a First Date on Valentine’s Day with the Guy’s Parents| thumbnail text - "Barb and Maury were grinding up on each other like a couple of teenagers. It would have been sweet if they didn't keep glancing over at me."

First Date On Valentine’s Day Ends Up As An Awkward Double Date With Guy’s Parents

Romance at its peak
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twitter thread of celebs and their kids who look identical | thumbnail Text - Ivy Park Beam @ScottieBeam I know this is how genes work but WOW 9:33 pm · 07/12/2020 · Twitter for iPhone 16.4K Retweets 4,219 Quote Tweets 259K Likes @fbombs_ Replying ScottieBeam happens guys 3:49 pm 08/12/2020 Twitter Android 10 Retweets 3 Quote Tweets 761 Likes

Celebs And Their Kids Looking Identical: Twitter Thread

Celeb genes are strong!
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kids describe their parents jobs in funny twitter thread | thumbnail Text - Household Government @LadyBugAssassin My friend's daughter was asked by her teacher what does her mother do for a living. Miss thing said move papers around and talk on the phone. My friend is a judge. 9 11:03 PM Oct 19, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone 14.8K Retweets 678 Quote Tweets 130.5K Likes >

Kids Describing Their Parent's Jobs: Funny Twitter Thread

Kids say the darndest things
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awkward pregnancy pictures that are too cringeworthy | thumbnail includes three awkward pregnance photos man pumping air into a pregnant woman's belly | man looking up at a belly with a baby painted on it | man sticking his head up the shirt of a pregnant woman

Awkward Pregnancy Photos Which Are Too Cringeworthy For Words

Parenting isn't off to a good start
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people tweet rules from strict parents growing up - cover pic tweet I could have action figures with no guns and no print on my tshirts | Kyle BLM @SpaceLeftEmpty Replying The_Dingus_Khan could have action figures but if they came with guns, all those went into trash. Absolutely no t-shirts with any kind print on them or name brand shoes because won't allow be walking billboard

Children Of Strict Parents Tweet Their “Weirdest Rules” Growing Up

'I wasn't allowed to say 'butt' at my dads'
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funny real quotes from little kids | thumbnail Text - Night Quote Naomi (5yrs): Mom, dying sucks. Mom, curious: Why? Naomi: Because if your nose itches, there's nothing you can do about it! EKids R the best screenwriters SEND US YOUR KIDS' QUOTES!

Some More Real Cute, Wholesome Kid Quotes

Kids truly are the best screenwriters
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