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Funny Tweets From Parents About How Much They Despise Crayons

If you have kids, you'll know how much they love playing with crayons. And by playing, I mean drawing on any surface they shouldn't and smearing them into the carpet. In short, all crafts designed for kids are just nightmares for parents. Whether it's Play-Doh, glitter, or crayons, kids will find ways to use them in all the ways they weren't intended to be used. These funny tweets from parents sum up just how sick of crayons they are, and how close they are to boycotting them altogether. Kids might brighten up your life, but they can be total nightmares when they want to be. 

funny tweets from parents about how much they hate crayons | thumbnail text - SpacedMom @copymama heard my 9yo recording video and she said "My mom won't let melt crayon microwave, so if see her on social media, unfriend her and unfollow her be watching closely see whose side guys are on. 4:22 PM Oct 23, 2018 Twitter Web Client
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