funny pics of people getting creative with their masks - thumbnail includes two pictures of man with sanitary pad on his face and woman with dog mask

People Getting Creative With Their DIY Masks

Thinking outside the box
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pictures of funny masks for anti-maskers - cover pic masks saying "this mask is USELESS" and "I'm being forced to wear this mask"

Appropriate Face-Masks For Anti-Maskers

Entrepreneurship at its best
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pictures of people wearing realistic face masks with faces on them

People Protecting Themselves With Realistic Face Masks

Finding humor during these times
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pictures from the spanish flu 100 years ago - women wearing face masks and poster explaining about quarantine | Quarantine PEOPLE who are quarantine are not isolated if they have Bell Telephone Bell Service brings cheer and encouragement sick, and is value countless other ways. Friends. whether close at hand or far away, can be easily reached, because Bell Service is universal service. NEW YORK TELEPHONE CO.

Pictures From The Spanish Flu 100 Years Ago Shows Similarities In Managing Pandemics

They had to wear masks and isolate too
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father's day cerebrating 2020 celebration pandemic coronavirus change | Bridger Winegar @bridger_w Just quick reminder Father's Day is this weekend or another weekend or last weekend 5:24 AM Jun 11, 2020 Twitter iPhone 178 Retweets 1.7K Likes >

Tweets About Celebrating Father's Day In 2020

Some changes need to be made this year
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landlord hell evict pandemic twitter reddit bad eviction coronavirus online shame | Thursday, March 19, 2020 need move out by end day. Thanks. 9:44 AM Bro literally have nowhere go during this just got laid off

Landlords From Hell Being Shamed Online For A**hole Behavior

Oh, hellls no
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tinder hookup lockdown stupid coronavirus COVID-19 stupid desperate dating fails apps twitter | MATCHED WITH ON 3/18/20 Are projected spread coronavirus bc curves are anything but flat Sent dammmmnnnnn will smith reaction pic

People Of Tinder Attempting To Benefit From Lockdown And Hookup

Desperate or stupid? Or both?
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romantic pandemic pick up lines coronavirus covid-19 quarantine romance | Arnold Leija Hey have been tested Coz body is SICK. 35 Like Reply 1d

'Romantic' Pandemic-Themed Pick-Up Lines From Our Users

Who says corona has to kill the romance?
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redditers theme song pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 official | what should be the official theme song for the pandemic? reddit posted by jupiterrising877

Redditor's Suggest Official "Theme Songs" For The Pandemic

Because every virus deserves a theme song
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smurf coronavirus world record france funny news pandemic guiness world record | FRANCE AMID CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK HOLDS LARGEST EVER GATHERING OF PEOPLE DRESSED AS SMURFS FOR SOME REASON

France Refuses To Call Off World’s Largest Gathering Of Smurfs Amid Coronavirus

I'm blue da-ba-di-da-ba DIE
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