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Awkward Moments In Life Which Are Painfully Relatable

We all know that feeling: you're up late at night, having trouble falling asleep, and what pops into your head? That moment from last week when you waved back at someone in the grocery store who was waving at someone behind you, and now you'll never be able to show your face in that store again. You'll have to drive three hours now to the next-closest market, but considering you were already driving two towns over after having embarrassed yourself beyond redemption like this at every store in your own metropolitan area, the commute doesn't phase you anymore. Here are some of those everyday embarrassments that make us want to leave society and never return.

awkward moments in life that are painfully relatable | thumbnail text - Falling in front of your crush The only thing more uncomfortable than falling down a storm drain is falling down a storm front of the guy you like! So awkward when he has to call the police to get you out and it's a whole to-do.
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