Photographer Takes Random Photos Of Passers-by To Show Public Reaction To Overweight People

Photographer Haley Morris-Cafiero went out into the streets and started taking pictures of herself 'acting neutrally' and 'being distracted' in public in order to capture the reaction of random passers-by on camera. The project is called 'Wait Watchers' and with these series of pictures the artist, who herself is overweight, is trying to show everyone what it really means to be overweight in today's society. According to the De Milked, the photographer has struggled with eating disorders in the past and suffers from Hypothyroidism, a disorder that often affects person's weight. Still, she is happy with the way she looks and loves her body the way it is. She claims that she started the project as a social experiment and doesn't mean to make anyone feel bad about it, she's just trying to reflect the situation in the society. Via: De Milked

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