twitter thread about internet insults | thumbnail text -  Lawrence @SBINF Replying thedigitaldash_ One time this dude told looked like wore fedora and referred women as "m'lady 10:32 PM Mar 13, 2022 Twitter Web App

People Recall Internet Insults They Received That Will Stick With Them For Life (Twitter Thread)

When internet strangers attack
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twitter thread abot offline BFs | thmbnail text - known gaslighter @AFABRocky ... tbh “offline boyfriends" are overrated. there is an insurmountable cultural, linguistic, and humor gap between people with internet-poisoned brain and people without it. you'll never truly relate to each other, and you'll feel crazy trying to explain your jokes to him. 8:16 PM · Nov 30, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

Internet-Obsessed People Debate Whether 'Offline Boyfriends' Are Worth Dating

It's because there are too many cultural differences
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Women Whose Sass Roasted The Heck Out Of Men Online | thumbnail text - Im in bed in TEARS this mans really said "Probably not" IM Hey listen you're cool and all but your breath smells and it makes me uncomfortable I can brush my teeth in the morning next time. Can you do it like.everyday Probably not. I really don't like being told to do stuff. My suggestion would be find someone you think is better than me. Good luck.  bea @beatricelai_ last night we were helping this girl who was way too drunk

Women Whose Sass Roasted The Heck Out Of Men Online

Sassy women doing their thang
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guest shames bridezilla online facebook crazy bride tattoo | Hey so with my wedding wanted ask if could please make sure tattoos are covered could maybe fix hair up so 's natural cover put lot work into our theme and sorry but look clashes with Even if just put some spray or something on hair night just want too all look perfect and can send some ideas nice long sleeve dresses wear or just wear jacket. If want can give asked her same thing and two could go shopping together number cause

Bridezilla Gets Roasted For Forcing Guest To Cover Tattoos And Dye Hair

Taking entitlement to another level
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Woman Gets Roasted And Toasted On Twitter After Posting About Healthy Vs Unhealthy Food Prices| thumbnail text - Emily Porter, M.D. @dremilyportermd ... I just got a double cheeseburger, small fries and large Diet Coke at McDonald's for $3.25 so please stop fat shaming or blaming the single mom of 2 working for $7.25/hour for her "unhealthy choices" or high blood pressure when non-organic raspberries are $8.96/pound at Walmart. 10:27 PM · Apr 14, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 4,147 Retweets 277 Quot

Woman Gets Roasted And Toasted On Twitter After Posting About Healthy Vs Unhealthy Food Prices

A controversial topic
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OnlyFans people get recognized IRL | thumbnail text - MT_061619 · 8h I had a guy recognize me, thankfully he was pretty chill. He low key followed me for a bit, then split ways then sent me a message on OF saying he saw me. And that was it. Half of my family know what I do (found out), but almost none of my friends. I imagine it would be awkward if someone actually came up to me and started talking about my line of work lol

OnlyFans Content Creators Reveal What Happened When They Were Recognized IRL

Things get weird real quick
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funny tweets of Michael's store website online chat function with customers

Michaels’ Store Website Has Function To Chat With Other Shoppers: Funny Twitter Thread

When stores aren't just for shopping
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landlord hell evict pandemic twitter reddit bad eviction coronavirus online shame | Thursday, March 19, 2020 need move out by end day. Thanks. 9:44 AM Bro literally have nowhere go during this just got laid off

Landlords From Hell Being Shamed Online For A**hole Behavior

Oh, hellls no
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socially acceptable online AskReddit awkward screen | every1luvsanunderdog 67 points 16 hours ago "Swipe left" or basically refuse talk someone bc don't find them attractive.

Socially Acceptable Things We Can Do Online, But Not In Real Life

Things only done behind a screen
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expectation reality reddit funny different online pictures | I've brushed its fur for 10 minutes Uetie LIDE AGES 2+ Scruf fo Wash Find us SCrufny Fluff Make us Groom Who will Rescue? Love Suru L laa prou uorterofme ASPCA ASPCA

Online Orders Which Were Totally Different To The Original Pictures

Expectation Vs Reality
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Grandma Italy Pasta class online live stream coronavirus covid-19 quarantine italy facebook instagram italian | woman using a bread dough roller to make pasta | handmade pasta on a tray

Live-streaming Pasta-Making Classes From 84-Year-Old Grandma In Italy

Pasta is getting us through quarantine
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online shopping expectations vs reality funny tweets twitter dress savage response | Lauren Thompson @laurensophie01 Guess I’ll be ordering a new dress for Saturday then cheers @OfficialPLT

Savage Responses For Girl's Tweet About Dress Ordered Online

Shopping expectations vs. reality
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behavior online books - 4817413

13 Books You Wish Were Real

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