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Redditors Reveal The Brands Much Cheaper Than Expensive Originals

Going to a supermarket and being faced with hundreds of options can be overwhelming. Knowing whether to go with a well-known branded product, or a cheaper knockoff isn't always easy because no one wants to sacrifice quality. But sometimes, the products are exactly the same and the only difference is the labeling. So, how do you know when this is the case? An AskReddit thread asking people to share their tips on when it's best to buy name brands might help you get a better idea of where you could be saving the bucks.

reddit cheap expensive brands comparisons off brand askreddit | ThisIsCody_ 272 points 20 days ago Milk WalMart looking at milk and an old man stopped He said he retired dairy industry. He told same milk plant same cows, fills different colored cartons same batch. He tapped his nose and winked and said s all same shit.
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