OB/GYN’s Reveal The Craziest Things They've Heard Boyfriends And Husbands Say

OB/GYN's may be professional, but they've also been around the block when it comes to the crazy stuff they have heard from patients. Working in the medical field is already hectic, but being a doctor for the female body is whole 'nother story. Naturally, people have many questions and misconceptions about what goes on down there - both men and women alike. On this gem of a Reddit thread, OB/GYN's spilled the tea about all the crazy things male significant others have said at appointments, and you already know we got all the juicy details. These men seriously gotta take it down a notch at their S/O's next appointment. Scroll down for the wildest thread responses. 

ob/gyns reveal craziest things they heard husbands and boyfriends say | thumbnail text - AthanasiusJam 11 hours ago · edited 11 hours ago S He complimented my surgical ability, stating that he had been to many strip clubs, and he has never seen such a beautiful C-section scar.
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