nice girl post | thumbnail text - -too-hot-to-handle- · 2d She's in her mid-thirties, you're only eighteen, and the truck thing gives "I want you to owe me" vibes. It sounds like she's trying to take advantage of you. There's no reason she can't be interested in people her own age, and it's really disturbing that she's going after a barely legal teen instead. Can you report her?

Unhinged Woman Attempts To Hold Hands With Her Barely Legal Coworker After One Conversation

This isn't right
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nice girls thread | thumbnail text -  Me and lot of fun because I could actually make him not depressed. I even replaced him pills with vitimin C once but he didn't even notice becsuse we were having too much fun for his depression to be there. I don't know if it's good for him to be with someone who drags him down mentally used to have a

Vengeful Ex Harasses Man's Current Girlfriend Via Text, Gets Roasted In Return

Let's toast to the roast
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woman's list of reg flags of Reddit | thmbnail text - they throw stuff away like 's basketball (kobe wearing nike elites -have squatted vehicle -wear pit vipers regularly -hobby runners -never change their toothbrush -drink seltzers regularly -boys w hydroflasks (especially w stickers guys order salad on first date -bed wetters -wears tighty whities

The Internet Reacts To Woman's Ridiculous List Of Dating Red Flags

It's quite a list
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