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New Mom Lashes Out After Husband's Constant Sexist Jokes

Having children is quite possibly the most significant commitment you will ever make in your life and one you should only undertake if you plan on doing the hard work involved in raising your kids. This means sharing parental responsibilities with your partner, even if you didn't give birth yourself. Yes, dads, we're talking about you. However, it appears that some fathers don't understand how contributing half the ingredients towards making a child means that you are responsible for half the work in taking care of them. One new mom found out that not all dads believe this to be the case when her husband used sexist jokes as responses to her repeated requests to help her with their baby. She claimed that she did 99% of the work, and her husband refused to help, claiming that it was the women's job to raise babies. When she finally snapped and called him a d*ck, he went off in a huff, making her feel the need to apologize. She posted her dilemma on Reddit's Am I The A—Hole, and unsurprisingly, Redditors had a lot to say in her defense.

new mom upset over husbands constant sexist jokes | thumbnail text - Posted by u/professorplopsy 4 days ago 12 5 AITA for calling my husband ad*ck? Not the A-hole I (F33) and husband (M37) had a baby 5 months ago. He really wanted kids, I was on the fence. However, I am the one who does 99% of the baby stuff. Asking him to do something is like pulling teeth sometimes. He keeps making jokes like he doesn't need to do stuff, he has a wife for that, or he can't do something, he's holding the baby.
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