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Guy Ruins Wife's Expensive Gender Reveal On Social Media, Pissing Her Off Big Time

In my humble opinion, one of the worst trends that social media has perpetuated in the last few years is the gender reveal party. Never has there been a worse excuse to celebrate something that doesn't need celebrating. Parents, trust me, aside from you and possibly your parents, no one else is as invested in the sex of your baby. Let me say that again for the people at the back: NO ONE CARES! People have taken the trend way too far, spending insane amounts of money revealing the gender of their baby, and the madness needs to stop. One father, who also clearly feels the same, wrote to Reddit's Am I The Asshole after sabotaging his wife's $4K elaborate gender reveal plan for their unborn (spoiler alert) son. He posted the gender on Facebook instead, which left his wife understandably gutted. People commented with mixed reviews, some calling him an asshole for sabotaging his wife's announcement in the way he did, but others congratulated him for putting a stop to spending so much money on the gender reveal. What do you think? Asshole or not?

guy ruins his wife's expensive gender reveal on Facebook and she's fuming | thumbnail Text - Posted by u/Beneficial-Poetry-74 2 days ago 25 10 S 12 11 AITA for ruining my childs gender reveal? Not the A-hole Myself (27M) and my wife (27F) are having a boy, we already have a girl who is now 2. My wife is really into films, oscar type films and she is like an analyser when watching them so she wanted to make a gender reveal short film, 10 minutes long to say we're having a
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