10 Burns From The Jonas Brothers Roast That Have Us Burnin' Up For Them Again| Thumbnail Text - Forehead - JONAS BROTHERS: EM FAMILY ROASTY

11 Burns From The Jonas Brothers Roast That Have Us Burnin' Up For Them Again

No JoBro was safe
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The 12 Best Romantic Movies on Netflix That Make Our Hearts Skip A Beat| Thumbnail Text - Faces

The 12 Best Romantic Movies on Netflix That Make Our Hearts Skip A Beat

Films that got us feelin some type of a way
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tiger king season 2 tweets | thmbnail text -Jesse McLaren ... @McJesse Tiger King coming back is like being married and getting a "u up?" text from someone you hooked up with when you were in a really bad place. 4:43 AM · Nov 20, 2021 · Twitter Web App

Twitter Reacts To The Hot Mess That Is Season 2 Of Tiger King

Spoilers ahead
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tiger king season 2 all we need to know | thumbnail text - Bengal tiger

Tiger King Season 2 Is Almost Here: Everything You Need To Know

We're ready for more cat fights
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15 Tweets About Bo Burnham's 'Inside' That Perfectly Capture The Chaos| Thumbnail Text - Product - bo burnham's #inside is the only content about the pandemic that needs to be made. i don't want movies romanticizing it, only this deranged masterpiece D Could I interest you in everything ALL of the time?

15 Tweets About Bo Burnham's 'Inside' That Perfectly Capture The Chaos

'Inside' = Deranged Masterpiece
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8 Best New Netflix Shows To Catch In November| Thumbnail Text - Hair - LOVE WILL F*CK YOU UP LOVE (HATE A NETFLIX COMEDY SERIES BIG MOUTH NOV 5 | NETFLIX

8 Best New Netflix Shows To Catch In November

Netflix and chill in chilly November
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thirst tweets for penn badgley | thumbnail text - Biba Adams ... @BibatheDiva Watching "You" is worth it just for Penn Badgley's voice over skills. 2:46 AM · Oct 16, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

Twitter's Desperately Thirsting Over Penn Badgley Again After Watching Season 3 Of 'You'

The thirst is real
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reasons why shrek 2 is the best hookup movie | thumbnail text - see Shrek 2 LUS

Here's Why Shrek 2 Is The Ultimate Hookup Movie

Making ogres hot since 2001
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Riverdale Memes That Scream 'I'm a Weirdo'| thumbnail text - Boyfriend requirements: -weird -a weirdo -doesn't fit in -doesn't want to fit in -never seen without his stupid hat on -cuz that's weird

Riverdale Memes That Scream 'I'm a Weirdo'

'Have you ever seen me without this stupid hat'
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sex ed thirsty thursday with jackson marchuetti | thumbnail text -quinboot @i_quinboot if there's any sort justice world would be dating Jackson sex ed deserve ngl. 7:20 AM Sep 21, 2021 Twitter Android

Twitter Is In Love With Sex Ed's Head Boy Kedars William-Stirling

All is right in the world if Jackson loves us back
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sex ed season 3 tweets | thumbnail text - shi // sex ed spoilers ... @Y4NWEI we must never forget miss ruby matthews carried the entire sex education

Netflix's Sex Ed Is Back For Season 3, And Twitter Is Thrilled About This Season's Shenanigans

Lowkey ship Ruby and Otis
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Twitter Did Not Hold Back From Posting How They Really Feel About 'He's All That'| tumbnail text - MMFB @MFariasBritto Netflix better run me some type of compensation for staying through the whole movie #HesAIIThat

Twitter Did Not Hold Back From Posting Brutally Honest Reviews Of Netflix's 'He's All That'

He's All That … what can we say other than REALLY?! What was THAT? A thirteen-year-old insisted we watch the new Addison Rae movie (if you can even call it a movie). To our surprise, even the little Gen Z girl couldn't stand it. Our cringe meters were off the charts. Between the weird writing and awkward acting, there is nowhere to run. It truly did feel like a horror movie. Everyone is hot , we get that. But it isn't enough to save the weak/uninteresting plot. Read more to get in on the curren…
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chace crawford tweets | thumbnail text - valerie ... @valphillipsx Chace Crawford could rule the world if he wanted to he just chooses not to 4:13 PM · Aug 13, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

Twitter Can't Stop Thirsting Over Regulation Hottie Chace Crawford

XOXO, Gossip Girl
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toxic tv fuckboys | thumbnail text - Before settling down with Cece, he dated two girls at the same time without telling them about each other because he couldn't make up his mind which one he wanted to be with more. Rather than ending the charade, he pushed it, letting the game play out until he got caught.

Toxic TV Men That Captured Our Hearts Throughout The Years

F*ckboys on the big screen
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paris hilton netflix show tweets | thumbnail text - Rachel Metz ... @rachelmetz Oh my god, “cooking with Paris" is the show I did not know I needed. It's amazing. So funny. So good. So @ParisHilton. I think I need sliving gloves now. 7:12 AM · Aug 5, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

'Cooking With Paris' Tweets That Made Us Exclaim 'That's Hot'

Paris is back in the spotlight
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thirst tweets for darren barnet | thumbnail text - ashleyhollabakk @ashleyhollabakk Just discovered this Never have ever show and this Darren Barnet man good god almighty 900 8:40 AM Jul 28, 2021 Twitter iPhone

The Universe Can't Stop Thirsting Over Never Have I Ever's Darren Barnet

We all deserve a Paxton Hall Yoshida
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