Be nice to your neighbors, you never want to end up in a feud. From Hatfield and McCoy's to Karen and Kyle and every other lovely person you could meet, it's best to make cookies, not war.

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Girlfriend Refuses to Live With Either a Long-Term Boyfriend or a Fiance Until After Marriage: Unpopular Opinion

Abstinence? Or affluence?
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people reveal their craziest neighbors | thumbnail text - JimmyHerbertKnockers · 7d S 2 2 My sister's neighbour reported my sister to the police because her kids were playing in my sister's garden. Not for the usual reasons, too much noise etc. Nope, because a volcano in Italy had erupted and the radiation would hurt them. My sister lives in the U.K.

People Expose Ridiculous Things Their Craziest Neighbors Have Done

Send out the neighborhood watch
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aita post | thumbnail text -AITA walking around my hous lingerie? So, My husband (M34) and F28) got married recently and moved into our new home neighborhood is nice and quiet and neighbors are really nice. Except this family lives right next us. Although just got back our honey moon still wear lingerie and sometimes walk around them wake up morning making coffee or breakfast.

Woman Shamed For Wearing Lingerie In Her Own Home After 'Peeping Tom' Child Looks Through Her Window With Binoculars

Home is where privacy should be
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aita crazy neighbor thread | thumbnail text - AITA for threatening to call the police if my neighbor let his kids trespass on my yard again

Petty Neighbor Threatens To Call Police On Boy Who Retrieved His Ball From Her Yard

This neighbor needs to chill
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aita post | thumbnail text -AITA for attempting to get a family with kids evicted? Asshole I recently moved in an apartment complex and next to me lives a family of 4, the parents with their two kids. The kids seem to be young, one is clearly a baby and the older one possibly under the age of 3. The family also apparently owns their own apartment and they don't rent.

Entitled Neighbor Attempts To Evict Family From Apartment Complex Because The Kids Make Too Much Noise

An entitled neighbor story
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pregnant woman's neighbor complains that she is vomiting too loudly | thumbnail text - Posted by u/Mental_Painting815 1 day ago 2 e3 32 84 AITA for vomiting "loudly" while pregnant and disturbing my neighbor? Not the A-hole I am pregnant and have a lot of morning sickness. There are days when I throw up multiple times a day. I live in an apartment building with thin walls (I can hear my neighbor's shower, conservations at times). My neighbor knocked on my door and said she could hear my "loud pu

Pregnant Woman's Neighbor Complains That She Is Vomiting Too Loudly

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience , but throw in some bad morning sickness, and it can make you rethink the whole thing. Contrary to what the name suggests, morning sickness isn't just limited to feeling nauseous or throwing up in the morning. It can strike at any hour of the day, and you best hope you're close to a bathroom when it does . But what if, as you're struggling to keep your food down, and you couldn't feel sh*ttier if you tried, your a**hole neighbor starts going off about how you…
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halloween costumes neighbors halloween ruthf Witches october fall - 15498245

How That Couple Across the Hall Celebrates Halloween

Strange rituals
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Unreasonable Neighbor Asks Woman to wear bra under shirt in her private garden | thumbnail text - Posted by u/fruitandboot Colo-rectal Surgeon [30] 2 days ago 28 96 39 E 10 AITA for yelling at my neighbour after she saw me braless on my private porch? Not the A-hole I live in a neighbourhood that's managed all by the same hedge trimming company. We all pay into this service and have the hedges trimmed a couple times a month. I was out on my private ground level patio, laying on the outdoor furni

Unreasonable Neighbor Asks Pregnant Woman To Wear Bra Under Shirt In Her Private Garden

Neighborhood watch is out
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Entitled Woman Expects Neighbors To Stay Inside So Her Untrained Dog Can Run Freely| thumbnail text -  r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/notreallyadoubledate 15 hours ago 13.4k 18 15 3 22 44 AITA for telling my friend I don't want to be her bridesmaid anymore?

Entitled Woman Expects Neighbors To Stay Inside So Her Untrained Dog Can Run Freely

'Imagine training the whole neighborhood, rather than your dog'
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Entitled Parents Ask Their Neighbor To Stay Inside When Their Kids Play Outside| thumbnail text - u/Neither_Shape_7455 · 23h AITA? Neighbor says l'm making them uncomfortable being around their kids Not the A-hole

Entitled Parents Ask Their Neighbor To Stay Inside When Their Kids Play Outside

People love to test our patience
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woman wants to know if she's wrong to blast music to drown out her neighbors loud kids | thumbnail text - Posted by u/AITAthrowkidsstfu 3 months ago 2 AITA for telling my neighbour I will just blast music over her kids yelling Not the A-hole I (f26) moved into a new house that I purchased. My new neighbour a two days later came over to say hello and asked if we had kids. I said no and she pretty much said (not word for word) "oh I hope you don't mind all the noise mine make, they can get very lo

Woman Asks If She's Wrong For Blasting Music To Drown Out Neighbor's Loud Kids

How to be a sh*tty neighbor 101
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horrifying roommates | thumbnail text - HatcheeMalatchee · 8h Not me, but a friend of mine's neighbors burned down their family farm after they asked them not to hunt on their property and then they came over and gloated as they were standing there watching it smolder. "Gee, wonder who done that. Shit has a bad way of happening to people who don't get along with me."

Horrifying Neighbors That Will Forever Haunt Our Nightmares

We're so scared
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Karen dishes out satirical advice on a weekly basis | thumbnail text: Dear Karen, an advice column guaranteeing the privilege you're entitled to on a weekly basis

Karen Dishes Out Entitled Advice To Woman Who Claims Another Shopper Stole Her Dress

Karen always has the best advice
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Entitled Guy calls Police On Neighbors For Having Sex At 5pm| thumbnail text - 口… ••. A r/AmltheAsshole u/ICUMTARANTULAS • 2y + Join AITA for having sex with my fiancé? Not the A-hole

Entitled Guy Calls Police On Neighbors For Having Sex At 5pm

Sounds like somebody's a little jealous
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tweet of walking his dog in different costumes Flintstones and Donald Trump | Jack @jackp593 Daily update on Steve's dog walking rig Flintstone theme today | man riding Donald Trump while walking two dogs

Man Dresses Up In Costumes Every Day To Walk His Dogs

Putting a smile on people's faces
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funny neighbors boring pictures imgur Reddit quirky weird | Neighbor’s cat got my newly adopted stray cat pregnant and sent this. child support cat food bag on porch

Neighbors Who Made The Neighborhood Less Boring

The quirky and weird neighbors we all need
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