Twitter Thread On The Negative Health Effects Caused By Lack Of Sleep

We all know that getting enough sleep is crucial for living a productive life. We grow up being told to get eight hours of sleep so that we can have an effective and productive day ahead, but there is a lot more to it than that. Someone has listed all of the negative health effects caused by lack of sleep and they are, quite frankly, alarming. I know that I certainly don't get anywhere near enough sleep, but after reading this Twitter thread, things are changing as of tonight! Scroll down and educate yourselves on why sleep is so important.

Twitter Thread listing Negative Health Effects Caused By Lack Of Sleep - cover image tweet listing reasons why sleep is bad | aiko @1chigoko consistently sleeping less than 6-7 hrs wrecks immune system doubles risk cancer sleep is key factor determining if will develop Alzheimer's improper sleep even week will disrupt sleep enough could be classified as pre-diabetic 10:22 AM Jun 24, 2020 Twitter iPhone >
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