former wife wants to know if she is obligated to give up her married name when new wife asks her to | thumbnail r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/namechangethrowaway0 3 months ago 2 AITA not changing my name? Not hole So this just happened and not sure feel. My ex and divorced 12 years ago have two children and share custody have great coparenting relationship and have had zero issues with anything since our divorce. My ex met his now wife five years ago and get along good as well. She is good stepmom

Entitled Wife Fuming Because Her Husband's Ex-Wife Refuses To Get Rid Of His Name

Some people are too much
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people reveal how their names have been ruined by pop culture | thumbnail text - Dr Harry Potter @HPneuro I take your 'first name', and raise you my full name. Jesse McLaren @McJesse Sep 25 What piece of pop culture has ruined your first name? Jeffrey R Epstein O @EpsteinJeffrey Replying to @UglyOne10 and @McJesse Jesse McLaren O @McJesse 2s Replying to @EpsteinJeffrey and @UglyOne10 That "R" is doing a lot of lifting. ili

People Whose Names Have Been Totally Ruined By Pop Culture

Names can make or break
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Instagram depressing name places funny pictures map world totopgraphies | Little Dick Lake Big Dick Lake | Bucket Blood St

Sad Topographies: Instagram Account Of Depressingly Named Places Around The World

Who knew these places existed!
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Starbucks tweets funny tweets name - 7265541

These Tweets About Giving Your Name in Starbucks Are Way Too Real

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crazy hilarious lolz creepy interesting lol adulthood cheezcake funny weird name - 6590213

Woman's Life Story Gets Turned Upside Down In The Craziest Way

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