People Reveal Their Mom's Iconic Catchphrases

Moms are the biggest blessing. They may drive us crazy, and sometimes it's easy to forget that they love us more than anything, despite pushing our buttons. But every mom has her weird way of showing love, whether it's through rules that don't seem to make any sense, or saying the same catchphrases over and over again that you hear them in your sleep. Sometimes, even your friends know the lines that your mom will repeat until she's blue in the face. People are sharing the catchphrases their moms use and you'd be surprised at how many moms say the same things! Scroll through these nuggets of mom wisdom, and we guarantee that you'll find something your mom says in here somewhere. Turns out moms are all the same. 

people reveal their mom's most iconic catchphrases | thumbnail text - calinaxoxo · 2y "Are you drinking enough water?" Headache? Drink more water. Upset stomach? Drink water. Bad grades? You need more water. Bone protruding from your knee? Drink some water, you'll be fine.
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