Parenting Tweets From Parents Who Don’t Take Any Days Off| thumbnail text - Jessie ... @mommajessiec I'm disabling notifications from my kids by locking this bathroom door. 4:25 AM · 10/25/21 · Twitter for iPhone 31 Retweets 162 Likes

Parenting Tweets From Parents Who Don’t Take Any Days Off

No days off
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funny memes of mom vs dad | Mothers pushing babies in strollers and Fathers carrying them upside down by their legs | Moms put their kids sleep Dads put their kids sleep NOW WILL GO SLEEP OR WILL PUT SLEEP

Memes Showing The Different Parenting Styles Of Moms And Dads

Dad: "Just ask mom"
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Parenting Tweets From Parents Who Deserve A Patience Award| thumbnail text - Lil Bit G @LizerReal ... sometimes you're having a good boob day and sometimes your baby points at your boob and says "banana" 12:43 AM - 9/13/21 · Twitter Web App 47 Retweets 409 Likes

Parenting Tweets From Parents Who Deserve A Patience Award

Parents really put up wit too much
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Mom Accused Of Promoting Disordered Eating For Serving Sparkling Water At Teen Party| thumbnail text - r/AmltheAsshole u/throwFish536 · 4d + Join O 1 e1 3 6 5 AITA for having flavored sparking water at my teenage daughter's birthday party? Another mom accused me of trying to give her daughter an eating disorder. Not the A-hole

Mom Accused Of Promoting Disordered Eating For Serving Sparkling Water At Teen Party

Getting triggered by water is a new one
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funny posts seen on moms facebook groups | thumbnail text - Posted by u/Inked_Chick 1 year ago A whole new level of jealously right there ANONYMOUS POST Can you post? Im losing my shit and need to know if I'm trippin! So my husband has a 6 yo daughter with his ex who happens to look like a mini version of the ex. We get the kid ever other weekend and my husband is always telling her how cute she is or how beautiful or pretty! Or commenting under pictures saying "my beautiful girl" or whatever! I

Weird And Messed Up Posts Seen On Facebook Groups For Moms

Facebook is a strange place
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people reveal their mom's most iconic catchphrases | thumbnail text - calinaxoxo · 2y "Are you drinking enough water?" Headache? Drink more water. Upset stomach? Drink water. Bad grades? You need more water. Bone protruding from your knee? Drink some water, you'll be fine.

People Reveal Their Mom's Iconic Catchphrases

Mom wisdom is unparalleled
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funniest parenting tweets of the week - thumbnail | Text - Sarae @LoveSarae One time I faked died in front of Micah to see what he would do and he said "oh no, mummy died". Then SAT ON MY HEAD and continued playing on his iPad. I taught him how to dial 999 that day. 12:59 PM · May 24, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 2,713 Retweets 215 Quote Tweets 27.8K Likes

Funny Parenting Tweets That Hit Way Too Hard

The funny parents of Twitter
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funny tweets from sarcastic moms who are done with parenting | thumbnail Katie Didn't ... @Pork_Chop_Hair [back at work after being a stay-at-home parent for many years] Me: alright, before this meeting starts, I want everyone to go pee. I don't care if you don't feel it, you need to try. 5:53 PM · Jun 16, 2019 · Twitter for iPhone 1,766 Retweets 70 Quote Tweets 10.5K Likes

Sarcastic Tweets From Moms Who Are Done With Parenting

Moms who have had it up to here
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Accurate Memes About Being A Mom To Incorporate Some Giggles Into Your Mother's Day| thumbnail text - Am Ia good mother Susan? My name's Amy.

Accurate Memes About Being A Mom To Add Some Giggles To Your Mother's Day

Mom's deserve much more credit for putting up with us
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Moms Reveal what They Really Want For Mother's Day| thumbnail text - r/AskReddit u/penguinmanbat · 8h Moms of reddit, what do you actually want for Mother's Day this year? 21 ↑, Share

Moms Reveal What They Really Want For Mother's Day

Flowers are overrated
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funny video of mom sterilizing all baby bottles and baby eating dirt anyway

Motherhood 101: Kids Will Put Anything In Their Mouths

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funny tweets about pregnancy | thumbnail Text - Anne Thériault @anne_theriault A very humbling moment in my life was when I was pregnant and feeling very busty, so I went to a lingerie store and was like "yeah, I don't even KNOW what cup size I am, because PREGNANCY has made my chest HUGE," so they measured me and they were like "ma'am you are a 34A" 4:27 AM May 27, 2019 · Twitter for iPhone 85 Retweets 18 Quote Tweets 3.8K Likes >

Funny Tweets Which Sum Up The Trials And Tribulations Of Pregnancy

Funny highs and lows of pregnancy
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Mom shamed by professor for breastfeeding during online class | thumbnail included picture of mom breastfeeding Text - I didn't want to post this picture because I just wanted it for me but I just wanted to show that I CAN focus in class WHILE breastfeeding my child

Professor Shames Mom For Breastfeeding During Zoom Class, Internet Is Livid

The professor sounds like a d-bag
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pictures of Halloween costumes for pregnant moms - baby legs coming out of belly and barbie doll swinging on wrecking ball

Halloween Costume Ideas For Pregnant Women

Perfect costume ideas for expecting moms
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mothers illustration comics motherhood

Artist Depicts The Truth of Motherhood Through Illustrations

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serious mom shit facebook

Mother Shares Experience With 4 Kids In A Public Bathroom And Demonstrates What It Really Means To Be A Mom

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