Parenting Tweets That Nearly Made Us Spit Out Our Coffee From Chuckles| Thumbnail text - Marissa ... @michimama75 5: I'm bad at this puzzle Me: you're trying your best! Mommy has a hard time with that one too! 5: yeah, because you're bad at it 7:02 PM · 1/16/22 · Twitter for iPhone

Parenting Tweets That Nearly Made Us Spit Out Our Coffee From Chuckles

A rare state of joy
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mom comics | thumbnail text - TRUE STORY: This happened to me while I was teaching Z oom Yoga Recently that is breastmilk spraying out of my shirt @momlife_comics 800

Artist Mom Draws Funny Comics Depicting Relatable Parenting Woes

Instagram comics are super relatable
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dad makes kids call mom 'Miss Piggy' to incentivize weight loss, makes her cry | thumbnail text - Posted by u/throwaway1368989 16 days ago 63 S7 E 33 AITA for making my (32F) children (4 and 6 M) cry after they called me Ms. Piggy? Not the A-hole I (32F) gave birth back in October. Since then, it's been extremely difficult for me to lose the baby weight... mainly due to my postpartum depression. I get next to no sleep attending to my children and most mornings, I can barely get out of bed, much

Mom In Tears After Husband Nicknames Her 'Miss Piggy' To Incentivize Weight Loss

How NOT to treat your wife
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christmas fashion bonding mom fashion fail - 16062725

Funny Mom Asks Son's Girlfriend If His Messy Fashion Sense Embarrasses Her On A Bonding Christmas Walk

A mom with no filter, but in a good way
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christmas gifts mental health blanket mom - 16031493

Wholesome Mom Gifts Her Anxious Kids With Weighted Blankets For Christmas (Twitter Thread)

We love a supportive mama
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entitled parent post | thumbnail text - r/entitledparents · Posted by u/RaiseSubstantial8420 2 days ago Entitled mum at a chip shop S This story is from when I (22F) was around 15. It was a Friday after school and I decided to go to the local chicken and chips shop before I started work. It was fairly quiet so when I went in I just stood in the line and waited (probably thirty seconds) before one of the staff members

Karen Mom Threatens Schoolgirl And Makes A Scene Over Getting Cut In Line For Fries

When entitled parents get out of hand
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mom wants to know if she's in the wrong for blaming her badly behaved six-year-old for babysitter quitting | thumbnail text - Posted by u/Relative_Ad654 2 days ago 11 10 S 12 8 AITA for telling my daughter it's her fault that her babysitter quit? Not the A-hole I have 3 kids: 6, 4 and nearly a year old. When I was pregnant with my youngest, I hired a sitter to pick the other two up from school and watch them. We really liked her and appreciated her. My eldest loved her babysitter but she began t

Mom Wants To Know If She's Wrong To Blame Six-Year-Old Daughter For Babysitter Quitting

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funny posts seen on moms facebook groups | thumbnail text - Posted by u/Inked_Chick 1 year ago A whole new level of jealously right there ANONYMOUS POST Can you post? Im losing my shit and need to know if I'm trippin! So my husband has a 6 yo daughter with his ex who happens to look like a mini version of the ex. We get the kid ever other weekend and my husband is always telling her how cute she is or how beautiful or pretty! Or commenting under pictures saying "my beautiful girl" or whatever! I

Weird And Messed Up Posts Seen On Facebook Groups For Moms

Facebook is a strange place
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funny memes about daughters being dramatic and full of sass | thumbnail text -

Memes About Daughters Being Dramatic And Full Of Sass

Girls rule, boys drool
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People reveal how they originally thought babies were made| Thumbnail text - BabyRage1908 14 days ago I thought girls would just shit out babies 1 Reply Share

The Ridiculous Ways People Thought Babies Were Made

Didn't realize the birds and the bees were so close...
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Toxic Mom Tells Daughter She Can Either Pay To Live At Home Or Leave| thumbnail text - Posted by u/Best_Bat4228 8 hours ago S 2 AITA For taking my Mother's Ultimatum

Toxic Mom Tells Daughter She Can Either Pay To Live At Home Or Leave

Some people shouldn't be parents
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Parents who have totally had enough of parenting for today | thumbnail text - "My kids went in the basement to play, about 10 minutes later, this happened." "Goat cheese and buttercream frosting look very similar when they've been stored in a Ziploc bag in your refrigerator. My kid is currently jumping off furniture"

Parents Who Have Had Enough Of Parenting For Today

Have kids they said, it will be fun, they said.
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Pregnant Women Struggles Which Prove They All Deserve A Serious Round Of Applause| Thumbnail text - woman, shoes

Pregnant Women Struggles Which Prove They All Deserve A Serious Round Of Applause

Pregnancy brain is real
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Golden Tweets From Funny Parents Who Just Get It| thumbnail text - Jessie @mommajessiec *Googles Thanksgiving recipes* *Googles easy Thanksgiving recipes* *Googles really easy Thanksgiving recipes* *Googles is McDonald's open on Thanksgiving* 4:53 PM · Nov 14, 2021 (i)

Golden Tweets From Funny Parents Who Just Get It

If you know, you know
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pictures of girl in food Fashion - cover pic little girl posing in dressed made out of leaves and pizza

Mom Dresses Daughter In Adorable Food Fashion

Fashion good enough to eat
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dad fuming after mom puts makeup on their two year old which causes her to break out into rash | thumbnail text - Posted by u/AITAMUA 9 hours ago 2 AITA for calling my wife irresponsible? My wife(25F) and I (26M) have a baby girl that just turned 2 who we"ll call "Z". My wife loves cosmetics. She'll practice a lot and says she's even thinking about starting a MUA business. However, she lately has been wanting to practice makeup on Z which I was cautious about but didn't mind as long as it wasn't

Dad Fuming After Mom Puts Makeup On Their 2-Year-Old, Resulting In A Rash

How to give your child body image issues 101
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