tweets from people mocking the way americans eat vegemite - cover photo making fun of americans eating vegemite on a spoon | savanna calton @savannacalton hate Americans try vegemite first time. They always put on spoon straight up, and say "Ew 's so salty does anyone eat and like UM know else is salty: SALT but dont go eating on giant spoon IRRESPONSIBLE

Tweets Of People Disrespecting How Americans Eat Vegemite

People aren't happy with Americans
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mock diary celebrities satire instagram humor funny mocking interview | Brad Pitt @mockdiaries hadn't cried like, 20 years, and now find myself, at this latter stage, weeping every time my nuts get caught my zipper. | MD Kim Kardashian West @mockdiaries If Taylor is willing am ready move on drama and focus on world needs right now more than ever, my SKIMS shapewear.

Funny Mock Diaries Of What Celebrities Can't Say, But Wish They Could

Finally, Brad Pitt admits what makes him cry
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satiregram mocking instagram satire savage epitome funny memes | an obligatory picture my boarding pass show I'm going fly somewhere.. | a picture my Keto lunch because just started new diet this week

Page Mocks Typical Instagram Users In The Most Savage Way

"The epitome of a typical Instagram user"
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mocking Barbie instagram - 7890181

This Barbie's Instagram Page Mocks Every Stereotypical And Annoying Hipster Post We Know

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mocking airlines apologize girls - 7265285

Southwest Apologizes For Mocking Child Named 'Abcde' And Twitter Is Speechless

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