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Funniest Tweets About the Infamous 'Walk Of Shame' Just In Time For The Weekend

The walk of shame is a notorious joke, the walk someone performs in the same clothes from the night before, which signals that they have clearly been involved in a sexual escapade in the aforementioned night. This infamous walk is common on college campuses, or simply on the weekends. People have been reclaiming the 'walk of shame,' referring to it as the 'stride of pride' or going as so far as to refer to it as the 'laid parade.' People on Twitter have been completely redefining the phrase, using it to jokingly refer to moments that have nothing to do with the morning after sex at all. Whether Twitter users are referring to the original walk of shame or their own versions of the walk of shame, their tweets are super entertaining. Scroll down for the best tweets about the walk of shame from this week. 

Funny tweets about the walk of shame | thumbnail text - Forehead - SingleBabyMama @_SingleBabyMama Mona's walk of shame.
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