Meryl Streep


Female Artist Of The Week: Instagram Account Combining Your Favorite Foods With Photos Of Meryl Streep

Each week we bring you a talented female artist who creates incredible quality content and this week, we've picked Samantha Raye, the graphic designer behind Instagram account @tasteofstreep. This is a page dedicated solely to combining pictures of Meryl Streep with delicious-looking food, which is not only original but kind of genius too. Samantha painstakingly ensures that Meryl's outfits are matching every meal, showing off her photoshop skills and creativity and making you love Meryl even more than you probably already do. In fact, she looks good enough to eat in most of these pictures. From lounging around on a piece of sushi to taking a bath in a bowl of macaroni cheese, check out some of our favorite pictures from her collection below. Once you've enjoyed Samatha's brilliant creations, check out last week's female artist of the week in case you missed it. 

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