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I Tried No-Nut November. Here's How It Went.

NNN is not just for men
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Funniest tweets about vibrators this week | thumbnail text -  Lisha ... @kissimoose My vibrator is on strike. Apparently it feels objectified. 1:13 PM · Mar 21, 2021 · Twitter for Android

Funniest Tweets About The Vibrator Revolution

Who needs men when you have vibrators?
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Women on Reddit reveal where they store their sex toys | thumbnail text -

Women Reveal Where They Store Their Sex Toys

Ladies know how to get creative
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funny tweets by women about masturbation - cover image about masturbating to Ryan Gosling in the movie theater | Anna Kendrick @Annakendrick47 Ugh NEVER going Ryan Gosling movie theater again. Apparently masturbating back row is still considered inappropriate

Funniest Masturbation Tweets From Women

We all do it...
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world illustrations masturbation funny - 4108037

This Is How Masturbation Is Hilariously Described Around The World

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