reddit aita | thumbnail text - AITA for refusing to wipe off my makeup at my friends wedding? A For context, I (19f) was invited to my friend (23f)s wedding and was asked to be a bridesmaid. We paid for our own dresses, robes, shoes, etc. Before the wedding I had told her that I was going to have someone else do my makeup instead of the people that she has planned because I was scared that the person she hired was inexperienced with darker skin and curly hair texture (I was the only black

Bridezilla Demands That Bridesmaid Take Off Makeup So She Doesn't "Outshine" Her

The bride has unleashed her inner wedding beast
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First Date at the Pool Tests if Women Wear Too Much Makeup, But Memeable Backlash Video Makes Us Less Excited About Summer Flings and More Nostalgic About Our Childhood Pool Days

My true self is a founding father.
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bathroom, bathroom humor, couple video, family, family video, couples, relationship, goals, clean, toilet, dirty, shower, makeup, couple goals, relationship goals

Tub and Toilet Debate: TikTokers Answer How Each Family Member Has Gross Habits That Screw Up Bathroom Cleanliness

It's the hair in the shower that did it for me…
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askmen post | thumbnail text - j_reinegade 23 hr. ago Leaving my cars driver seat position 's literally impossible my get into car before adjusting 6'2 gf is 5'1)

Men Attempt To Pinpoint The Female Equivalent Of Leaving The Toilet Seat Up

Hair everywhere
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Women Roast Makeup Trends That Made Them Question Beauty Standards Altogether| thumbnail text - mixedsignalzz · 20h Roll-on body glitter. Blue or ice white eye shadow. Thin eyebrows. Caked on foundation that stops in a line along the jaw.

Women Roast Makeup Trends That Made Them Question Beauty Standards Altogether

Seriously confusing
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woman bans sister from wearing makeup to her wedding, sister suspects controlling fiancé | thumbnail text -  Posted by u/DCW_92 2 days ago AITA for insisting I wear makeup at my sisters wedding? Not the A-hole My sister is getting married this July, family only affair at a family house due to COVID. I offered last month to book a hair and make up artist to do her, my and our mothers hair and make up on the day. She told me a few weeks ago she doesn't want to wear make up which didn't surprise me

Bride Bans Sister From Wearing Makeup To Her Wedding, Controlling Fiancé Suspected

Bridezilla alert
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Viral TikToker Alice Bizarre goes viral for her horror make-up and story working adult parties

Horror-Style Makeup Artist Goes Viral On TikTok for Her Spicy Experiences Working Adult Parties

Her profile is for 18+ only.
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Makeup fails | thumbnail text - makeup

Horrendous Makeup Fails Which Made Us Gasp

Which bad makeup artist is behind this atrocity?
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daughters who enjoyed giving their dads makeovers | thumbnail includes images of daughters giving dads makeovers

Superhero Dads Who Let Their Daughters Give Them Full Makeovers

The superhero dads everyone needs
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23 Girl Dads Showing Off Their Holiday Makeovers| Thumbnail Text - Forehead - Replying to @Bcube40 Stay strong brother. #GirlDad

23 Girl Dads Showing Off Their Holiday Makeovers

Give it up to these wholesome dads
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women whose makeup totally backfired on them | thumbnail text - "I paid $45 for this monstrosity and my husband's reaction was worth every cent."

Women Whose Makeup Looks Did Not Go As Planned

Makeup fails
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makeup artist creates stunning pictures on people's eyelids | thumbnail includes two pictures of makeup on eyelids candy and ariel mermaid

Makeup Artist Creates Mesmerizing Images On Eyelids

Eye candy at it's best!
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dad fuming after mom puts makeup on their two year old which causes her to break out into rash | thumbnail text - Posted by u/AITAMUA 9 hours ago 2 AITA for calling my wife irresponsible? My wife(25F) and I (26M) have a baby girl that just turned 2 who we"ll call "Z". My wife loves cosmetics. She'll practice a lot and says she's even thinking about starting a MUA business. However, she lately has been wanting to practice makeup on Z which I was cautious about but didn't mind as long as it wasn't

Dad Fuming After Mom Puts Makeup On Their 2-Year-Old, Resulting In A Rash

How to give your child body image issues 101
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pictures of bad makeup fails | thumbnail includes two images of women with bad makeup Text - GUYS IM DEAD. I went to ulta to buy new foundation and the girl that helped me said "oh yeah, it matches your skin PERFECTLY," but PLEASE look at this. Lmaooo000 Tweet your reply

Makeup Fails Too Bad To Be True

Wrong shade of foundation much?
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Makeup artist fails | thumbnail text - Forehead

Alarming Makeup Fails Which Makeup Artists Should Be Penalized For

So much orange
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pictures of women whose makeup is next-level bad - thumbnail includes three pictures of women with bad makeup

Makeup Looks Which Are So Bad, They're Painful

Awful makeup fails
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