pictures of couple reenacting movie posters - cover pic reenacting back to the future

Couple Brilliantly Reenact Famous Movie Posters

Someone in Hollywood, give them a call!
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siblings create beautiful chalk artwork on sidewalks near home

Siblings Create Amazing Sidewalk Chalk Art, Bringing Smiles To People's Faces

Spreading cheer during the pandemic
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pictures of woman overwhelmed with the free carpet samples she ordered on amazon | cat sitting on a tall pile of folded fabrics

Woman Overwhelmed After “Hacking” Amazon, By Ordering Loads Of Free Carpet Samples

That's one way to spend lockdown
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photos of nursing home residents recreating iconic album covers during lockdown - cover pic ROMA COHEN DAVID BOWIE ALADDIN SANE SYDMAR LODGE

Nursing Home Residents Recreate Iconic Album Covers

Producing incredible results
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pub backyard couple lock down coronavirus goals drinking couple DIY

Couple Builds Mini Pub In Backyard And It's Total Goals

There's a simple solution to everything
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facebook ballgowns funny bins pictures coronavirus lockdown suit | Alli Maitland Bin day? ... have I missed it?!? what day is it anyway??? @BinDayBallgown woman taking out the trash

People Have Started Taking The Bins Out In Their Ballgowns

Taking out the trash just got classier
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askreddit self improvement coronavirus reddit covid-19 quarantine better lockdown isolation | 148-3369 225 points 17 hours ago Finally writing movie always wanted more than 60 pages s just flowing off my fingertips! Pure magic.

Redditor's Reveal Their Self-Improvement Journeys During COVID-19 Lockdown

Never a better time to make changes
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