psycho roommate tweets | thumbnail text - nanea ... @naneakuualoha having a crazy roommate is a coming of age experience 3:30 AM · Aug 5, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

People That Will Be Forever Scarred By Their Psycho Roommates

Roommates be crazy
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life-changing habits for women | thumbnail text - Font - Mighty_jelly · 17h Prioritizing myself and not making it an * aesthetic statement* but something I take for granted now. Take a bubble bath every day and don't take any "lifestyle pics" or any philosophy out of it. It should be normal, wanting to live a pleasant life.

Life-Changing Habits For The Ladies Out There Who Are Ready To Glow Up

Spice up your life
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16 Absolute Fire Looks From Fashion Icon Lil Nas X| Thumbnail Text - Purple - CI CI AR ACMA TFILM GI AF RT FILM G "I feel like this is the craziest outfit l've ever put on."

16 Absolute Fire Looks From Fashion Icon Lil Nas X

We are here for the kilts
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psyho roommate tweets | thumbnail text - charis ... @gothloglady my evil roommate is keeping my $1200 security deposit because I told her 20 days ahead of time that I'm moving and the contract says 30- and on another note are any of my followers hitmen for hire? 3:18 AM · Aug 11, 2021 · Twitter Web App

Woman Blasts Psycho Roommate On Twitter, Barely Survives Her Wrath Before Moving Out

Another episode of psycho roommates
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psycho roommate tweets | thumbnail text - @korpieann your roommate text u from her bedroom as u walk in the door "ignore my dildo on the kitchen counter while you and your friends cook lunch please" then she wanna act like u crazy... ???? 7:19 PM · Aug 10, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

The Worst Psycho Roommates Of 2021

Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em
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Funny tweets avout lifehacks | thumbnail text - ultan @ultB1 Life hack: when you're cutting a pizza at home always make one of the slices really small in case anybody asks you for a slice 12:32 AM · Apr 10, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

People Reveal The Funniest Lifehacks Which Changed Their Lives For The Better

Get ready for these gamechangers
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Funny tweets about adulting | thumbnail text - Font - Renee Paquette @ReneePaquette ... People complain about 'adulting', but earlier today I proclaimed I was gonna have pancakes for dinner, I just made and ate said pancakes. It's not all bad. Follow your dreams and 5:57 AM · Apr 14, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

Women Reveal The Funniest Triumphs and Defeats Of Adulting

Are we doing this adulting thing right yet?
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psycho roommate tweets | thumbnail text -bougie feet @drbougieb ... My psycho ex roommate may have keyed my car, but the joke is on her, because now I have an excuse to get all of the scratches and dents I made buffed out as well, so my car will look prettier than before 9:42 PM · Nov 6, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

10 Psycho Roommate Tweets That Made Us Want To Live Alone Forever

Roomies be crazy
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The funniest tweets about psycho roommates | thumbnail text - Gengar @fiendskrah My mom's roommate plays monopoly by stacking all of her money in her hand without organizing it. Just stacking on top as it comes in. Absolute psycho shit 6:17 AM · Mar 20, 2021 · Twitter for Android

Funniest 'Psycho Roommate' Tweets We Saw This Week

Who knew simply living could get this hectic?
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reddit thread about quirky home things | thumbnail text - curryp4n · 16h · edited 14h 3 No one is allowed near or on the bed unless they shower. If you hear the vacuum running as soon as you leave, it's because you walked in with your shoes and I'm afraid of germs. However, the "trash" all over the floor is not trash. It's cardboard for the cats with play with. We also don't have kids, the toys all over the house are cat toys O

Quirky Things Women Have Had To Explain About Their Homes To Guests

Home sweet home
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worst diet plans | thmbnail text -  IeuanTemplar · 20h Urgh. Hands down, my Dad did a "cabbage soup diet". Essentially you just replace nearly all your meals with cabbage soup. It stank, he stank, the house stank, just everything. It was awful. He did lose a bunch of weight, like it worked, but Holy shit there was a cost.

The Worst Diet Trends People Have Ever Tried

Keto is hard pass
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psyho roommate tweets | thumbnail text -  Alfred Bitchcock ... @aquarius_bimbo Imagine trashing someone's room, stealing their mattress, harassing and bullying them, and then beg for an apology? Oh wait you don't have to my psycho roommate already did that 9 let's see what she does next on the next episode of 'Morons Who Don't Know Security Cameras Exist'!

Psycho Roommate Gets Caught Trashing Woman's Room On Security Camera

Security footage doesn't lie
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satirical skincare routine | thumbnail text - Fiona from A Cinderella Story (2004)

Dropping My Fire Skincare Routine So Y'all Can Be As Fresh And Youthful As A Baby's Bottom Forever

My youth is yours
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psycho roommate tweets | thumbnail text -  dio simp @keurodynes as I make French toast this morning, I am once again reminded of my psycho roommate in college making me doubt everything l've ever known about French toast when she toasted the bread first, dipped it in egg, and THEN pan fried it 5:45 PM · Oct 3, 2021 · Twitter for Android

Psycho Roommate Tweets That Made Us Want To Live Alone Forever

Roommates who were born to be crazy
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twitter thread abot how elderl people are living their best lives | thumbnail text - It's the REE-Animator ... @ReeAmilcarScott Life hack: met an elderly lady who lives across the street from Six Flags. Says every year she buys a season pass with a meal plan and eats all her meals at the amusement park. In one conversation I figured out what kind of old person I want to be. 7:38 PM · Sep 26, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

Wholesome Twitter Thread Showcases How Creative Elderly People Are Living Their Best Lives

What we want to do when we grow into or old age
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psyho roommate tweets | thumbnail text - Font - Spooky Bitch (80%) ... @em_raad My psycho roommate chopped up my plants and stole more of my kitchen shit from me last night and legitimately has refused to leave his room since. Think he's afraid to face me? 9 l'm still not confronting his ass yet. I need more footage for the police/my landlord 2:07 AM · Sep 29, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

Twitter's Most Psycho Roommates Are At It Again

Can't live with 'em, can't afford to live without 'em
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