Things People Thought Were Stupid At First But Ended Up Being Awesome

We're all guilty of embracing the alternative over the mainstream. But there's a reason the mainstream stuff is popular - because it's pretty awesome, and it's okay to admit it. We're into what other girls are into, and that's totally okay. I used to think boy bands were so basic, but they're pretty darn good, and I'm no longer ashamed to fangirl over them. I've become one with myself, and so should all of you. Women on a recent Reddit thread talked about things they used to think were stupid, but now love, and we're so here for being true to ourselves and our passions. Scroll down to see what they had to say. 

things that seemed stupid but are actually awesome | thumbnail text - FedahpWithThisWurld · 20h "Modern music". I'd just listen to classic rock and older bands/musicians and thought that the newer music we have today had no soul, was shallow/boring and whatever. When I actually started to dig around a little and give it a chance, I found plenty of bands/musicians that are amazing. No more "born in the wrong generation" crap from me!
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