People Reveal How They Got Their Toxic Bosses Fired

Having a good boss or a bad boss can be the difference between loving and hating your job. Great bosses motivate us, lift us up, and help us grow professionally. Bad bosses hinder our growth, make us miserable, and make us wish we worked anywhere else. Getting your bad boss fired is a fantasy that not many people get to live out, but a Reddit thread asking those few lucky ones who did it for their stories proves just how satisfying it was. Here are their stories. 

boss fired askreddit stories nsfw lawsuit people | GrumpyScapegoat 1.4k points 4 days ago used math prove their superior severely my boss had underestimated turnover 3+ years row, costing ton money and labor issues. One day earlier boss had screamed at my team until his face went purple, making huge spectacle front entire floor gist were colluding against company by handful us) electing not renew our contracts. Came back with graphs and maths, baby. He demoted and transferred out couple weeks la
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