Funny Knockoff Products Which Aren't Fooling Anyone

Sometimes 'the real thing' is a little too out of budget. Maybe it's that designer handbag you've got your eye on or that watch that will put all others to shame. Whatever it is, it's a designer label and you simply can't afford it. But other times, you can find knockoff versions of day-to-day products that you would never imagine someone would try to pass off as anything other than the original, well-known brand. Here are a bunch of household items that just missed the mark when it came to plausibility and we're struggling to take them seriously! 

knockoff products bad funny pics pictures | Aladdin Colouring Book The Genie and a camel with bulging eyes | kit kat New KatKop Pave breakk Have akatRe New KatKot Extra Crispy Extra Creamy! Have break, Have Kat Kot New KatKoDS ExtrL Crispy Extra Croa ny!
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