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Funny And Brutally Honest Tweets From Parents About Their Kids' Artwork

Every child believes they are an artist in the making, and every parentknows that their kid can't draw for sh*t. Part of the parenting package is to keep up that facade for as long as possible, making your kid believe they are the next Picasso to boost their little self-esteem. But in tandem, parents also try getting away with throwing out as many of their kids' pictures as possible unnoticed, to avoid tantrums. Because there are only so many illegible drawings, you can have on the fridge before it just looks ugly and since you own the fridge, surely you should get a say on what's on it, right? These hilarious tweetssum up the brutally honest reviews parents have of their kids' artwork. 

funny and brutally honest tweets from parents about their kids' artwork | thumbnail text - James Breakwell, Exploding Unicorn @XplodingUnicorn 6-year-old: *finds a picture she drew* Why was this in the trash? Me: 6: Me: It was too good. I didn't want to make your sisters jealous. 6:51 PM · Jul 6, 2016 Twitter for Android 655 Retweets 34 Quote Tweets 4,215 Likes
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