women's memes | thumbnail text - FUN FACT majority archeologists are women due their natural ability dig up past

This Week's Batch Of Women's Memes That Are Just For The Girlies (May 30, 2022)

Just girly things
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askwomen post | thumbnail text - MidnightFireHuntres 16 hr. ago Looking like child my 20s but legit look like 12 get carded everywhere, and sometimes guys won't date because they think 's weird young look But bright side is while all my friends are freaking out about looking old just never aging lol

Women Reveal Things In Their Lives That Are A Blessing And A Curse At The Same Time

It's a blessing and a curse
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cocktail tweets | thumbnail text -  ^.2 atoyki day 1 Puerto Rico got drunk at 8:02 am on half pina colada and tried talk iguanas

15 Cocktail Tweets For The Girlies Getting Down This Weekend

Cheers to the weekend
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a list of 8 girlboss movies | thumbnail text - girlboss movies

8 Girlboss Movies To Watch And End Women's History Month Strong

We love girlboss month
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period side effects we could could give up | thumbnail text -  Writer_Girl04 · 9m The unpredictability of it. Like I get a calendar each year that tells me exactly when it occurs each month, down to the very second.

If Women Could Get Rid Of One Side Effect On Their Periods, Here's What It Would Be

Personally victimized by period cramps
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funny women cheese gorgeous justgirlythings women - 16031237

The Secret Behind Being A Gorgeous Girl Is Cheese And Big Portions (Twitter Thread)

Cheese is the answer
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what women don't care about | thumbnail text - If my bra strap is showing

Women Talk Things They Literally Couldn't Care Less About

Nobody cares about sitting like a lady
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things looked down pon becase women like them | thmbnail text - Responsible_Raisin · 10h Gossip. Men gossip as well, just that it's mostly associated with women. And gossip isn't necessarily always a bad thing! So much of what we know about the past was from people writing down things they see, conversations they've had...etc. Gossip can be a good thing!

14 Things That Are Looked Down Upon Simply Because Women Enjoy Them

Cocktails are cool
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girl code rules | thumbnail text - shockedpikachu123 · 20h 우 Hyping her up in the bathroom at the club, make sure she leaves knowing she's THAT girl.

Girl Code Rules We All Religiously Abide By

Girl code or bust
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comics for women | thumbnail text -  Sexy dress Expectation Reality

Instagram Artist Draws Adorably Awesome Comics Illustrating All The Female Struggles

We love Bloome Comics
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just girly thing memes | thumbnail text -  when boys know 'everything- about you, ińside and out ngsbaysdowslove FE facebook

Just Girly Memes Which Made Us Giggle

Girly but make it ridiculous
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pap smear tweets | thumbnail text - wench @overdonebaby just realized that because i'm 21 now i have to go get a pap smear and i'm starting to remember why i didn't plan on living this long 5:25 AM · Jun 20, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

Let's Explore The Wonderful World Of Pap Smears

The horror of pap smears
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Tweets about gynecologist appointments | thumbnail text - Julia Gallimore ... @julia_gall_ *at a gyno apt* Nurse: "Are you having any breast issues?" Me: "Yeah, they're not big enough." 7:10 PM · Oct 22, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone

A Batch Of Awkward Tweets About Dreaded Gynecologist Appointments

Trying to keep it together
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Tweets about being wine drunk | thumbnail text -  goob @DeAngelbutt I feel like I access my entire cognitive ability when I'm wine drunk. Like Plato has nothing on me when l've had 6 glasses of Chardonnay 5:51 AM · May 28, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

Tweets Celebrating The Magic Of Being Wine Drunk

Wine and dine us
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