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Twitter Desperately Thirsts Over Bridgerton's Jonathan Bailey (April 7, 2021)

The Bridgerton fandom blew up when they discovered that The Duke of Hastings, played by Rege-Jean Paul, would not be returning to Season 2 of the Netflix series. The intense backlash to this announcement isn't surprising, considering The Duke was the hot plot that kept viewers coming back for more. However, the fact that Daphne's eldest brother, Anthony Bridgerton (played by Jonathan Bailey), will be taking the reins in the lead male role may keep these thirsty fans at bay. Many of Jonathan Bailey's fans took to Twitter to remind everyone that Viscount Bridgerton is just as sexy as the Duke, and will make a wonderful leading man. Whether it be through pictures or words, Jonathan Bailey's fans really pulled through for him. Scroll down for this week's thirstiest tweets. 

Thirsty tweets for Bridgerton's Jonathan Bailey | thumbnail text - Auntie Gay ... @As1z_ Every single day I act like I'm good, I act like l'm okay but deep inside I just really want Jonathan Bailey to take me on a date. 2:12 AM · Apr 1, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone
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