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Metro UK Try (And Fail) To Spend Net Worth Of Jeff Bezos, Founder Of Amazon - Twitter Thread

Being super-wealthy (and we're talking Jeff Bezos the founder of Amazon kind of wealthy), has its perks - the most obvious being that you can buy whatever you want, whenever you want. But one of the lesser-known hardships of being one of the richest men in the world is that it's actually harder than you think to spend that sort of money. A hilarious Twitter thread by Metro UK shows just how difficult it is to spend Bezos' net worth, which happens to be $189.3 billion. Read on and laugh, and be grateful that you don't have such a struggle in your life...

tweets about the Metro UK challenging themselves to spend Jeff Bezos' net worth | Amazon founder Jeff Bezos records yesterday as saw the largest ever growth in wealth in day. mogul a whopping $13 billion dollars in 24 hours. bringing his net worth to S 189.3 bdlbn. THREAD) | We still have a lot to spend. So how can dent this obscene sum? Jeff needs a fighter jet, because what billionaire CEO doesn't need a small army at his disposal. Ten F-22 Raptors. That should do it. $1.4 billion.
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