Guy Gets Slammed For Being Jealous Of GF's 'Easier', Better Paid Job

The extended lockdown over the past year has meant many couples now work together from home. Of course, living and working with your significant other isn't ideal because you're basically on top of each other 24-7, exposing you to sides of them that you might not have seen before. But since it's pretty unavoidable nowadays, couples have had to adapt. Unfortunately, it has brought out the ugly side of people, which one guy who posted on Reddit's Am I The Asshole proved when he went on a jealous rant after observing his GF's work schedule and being bitter that she was making double his salary for half the work. She understandably got pissed off, explaining that it wasn't his place to say what her time was worth because she was hired for her knowledge. If her boss and CEO saw the work she produced and based her salary off that, it wasn't his place to undervalue her because he was jealous. He also casually threw in the fact that she does the housework and he doesn't. Redditors had a lot to say to him, but the main consensus was that he was the asshole who had jealousy issues. Read his ridiculous rant, and let us know what you think.

guy jealous of girlfriend's better paying job | thumbnail Text - r/AmItheAsshole · Posted by u/throwaway862610 3 hours ago AITA for being frustrated that my girlfriend doesn't work hard at her job and gets paid nearly twice as much as I do? My girlfriend and I both work in tech, she's a safety validator for software, working at a consulting firm, and I'm doing network infrastructure support. When we both worked in different offices I didn't know much about her day to day life at work.
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