Men Admit Their Secret Biggest Fears

It's always interesting to think about what causes us to be afraid of something. And why are there so many common phobias? It seems like there are more people who are creeped out by spiders than are not. Clowns are also just plain disturbingto most people, at least in my circle.

Between men and women, women are usually the ones expected to have more fears. This conception is mostly because, well, you know... misogyny. But really it seems unlikely that gender or sex has anything to do with how easily spooked we are.

On a new Reddit thread, men are confessing their most pressing fears. These guys sure deserve an A+ for openness.

Men Admit Their True Biggest Fears| Thumbnail text - angcalinban • 16h Not being able to defend my family is probably the big one. Also bears. G Reply 1 73 3
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