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Tweets From Husbands Who Think They're Funny

We're all on the lookout for funny dudes, and when women first meet their husbands, they're head over heels in love and laughter. But after a couple of years together, the jokes that you were once made your stomach hurt from laughing so hard just don't seem as funny anymore. Nonetheless, the hubbies of the world are still under the impression that they're as funny as ever, and keep those jokes coming. Of course, they need the whole world to know how funny they are and take to Twitter to share their hubby jokes with the world. Check out the best hubby tweets below. 

funny tweets from husbands who think they're funny | thumbnail text - The Dad BriefsTM @SladeWentworth ... Can you please stop breathing like that? -A marriage story 2:01 AM Jan 31, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 184 Retweets 11 Quote Tweets 1,083 Likes
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